‘Raging Bullsh*t!‘ Boris Johnson battered online for ‘Brexit‘ boxing session at Tyson Fury‘s gym

‘Raging Bullsh*t!‘ Boris Johnson battered online for ‘Brexit‘ boxing session at Tyson Fury‘s gym British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been hammered online for showing off his boxing skills during a visit to Tyson Fury’s old gym in Manchester, while wearing gloves emblazoned with the words ‘Get Brexit Done‘.

‘BoJo’ was snapped practising his paltry combinations on the pads with a trainer from Jimmy Egan’s Boxing Academy in the Wythenshawe area of the city, where ‘The Gypsy King‘ himself, Tyson Fury, began his own career in his hometown. However, the 6ft 9in fighter has recently enjoyed a foray into WWE and is currently weighing up a move into UFC.

Johnson’s feeble hooks and uppercuts were not nearly as well received as those of the heavyweight champion, and social media has let him know in no uncertain terms, with a swathe of hard-hitting one-liners and memes.

The first round of insults began with a barrage of boxing-related blows in reference to Boris’ punching power. One particularly sharp strike claimed Johnson ‘floats like a butterfly, stings like a butterfly‘, in contrast to Muhammad Ali‘s famous catchphrase.

Piers Morgan then landed a quick counter shot by commenting: “Jeez, no wonder you’re ducking me”, a reference to the PM’s alleged unwillingness to be grilled by the broadcaster on his topical breakfast show.

It’s not the first time the leader of the Conservatives has been ridiculed for his lack of athleticism. The former Mayor of London is famed for his sporting fails, including knocking over a child during a rugby match, attempting a rugby tackle in a charity football match, and becoming stuck on a zipwire during 2012 Olympic Games celebrations.

Back in 2014 the then-mayor bashed the pads during a visit to a gym in London, much to the amusement of viewers.

The PM was warming up before his General Election debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday night. He‘ll have to show more in his arsenal if he is to stand a fighting chance in that particular matchup.

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